Smarter People Through Interactive Digital Entertainment Resources

Smarter People through Interactive Digital Entertainment Resources

ECGBL 2007 (Paisley, Scotland)

Spider members were in Paisley, Scotland, between 24th and 26th October, presenting a paper in the European Conference on Games-Based Learning, hosted by University of Paisley and Thomas Connolly & Mark Stansfield. Our paper is titled “Leisure Time and Personal Development through Video Games: A Case Study Under Development in Barcelona”, and it’s the result of the pilot project of the research we are developing this year.

As the abstract says:

Video games, as with any other cultural resource, are basic tools in social and cultural learning, tools for socialising that provide players with instrumental and social competences and skills. The project has two complementary focuses for reflection and data collection providing mutual feedback designed to aid understanding of how video games work as educational tools in non-formal education. On the one hand, we want to consolidate the project’s theoretical framework based, principally, on the study of the theory of play and video games, studies on cultural consumption and the contributions made by leisure education. As a second focus for attention and reflection, we have just completed a pilot project entitled ELLAD, (Espai de Lleure i Aprenentatge Digital - Digital Learning and Leisure Space), looking at the use of video games in non-formal educational contexts. In this paper, we summarise the factors that led to the creation of the video games classroom, the dynamics established and the initial conclusions reached, which will let us validate, defend or discard future implementations and/or methodologies in the production of the white paper.

We had a splendid time there: we met very interesting people from the game-based learnig community, and we heard the excellent Kurt Squire and Constance Steinkuehler keynotes.

But there was also a lot of fun, as you can see at these awful-quality photos taken by phone:

Nicola Whitton, Mark McMahon and Hanno Hildmann

Daniel Aranda and Kristian Kiili

Jantina Huizenga and Wilfried Admiraal

Thanks to Professor Connelly, Dr Stansfield and the good people from the Academic Conferences team, lead by superwoman Sue Nugus.

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